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Making site visit scheduling a breeze at A.R.K Fencing.

Instead of scheduling customer site visits all over the phone or email, we built a site for A.R.K Fencing that helped to streamline their quoting process while also showing off their products and services.

Cameron has done a phenomenal and professional job on all aspects/steps of designing our website. I highly recommend Hedrick Web Design for designing a website that will enhance your business.
Kaitlyn Allen
Inventory Clerk

ARK Fencing is fencing contractor - based in Odon, Indiana - that specializes in the installation and repair of numerous types of farm fencing. When we first met with ARK Fencing, they were relying heavily on word-of-mouth referrals, but were hoping to upgrade to a professional-looking site that showed off photos of their products and provided visitors with the ability to request a quote online. This was meant to not only reduce the amount of time spent gathering information and scheduling site visits, but would also improve the customer experience by making it much easier to get a quote! After a strategy call with ARK Fencing, we also identified this as a great opportunity to strengthen their brand image and Search Engine Optimization to help them drive more sales leads.


  • Build a website from scratch intended to drive users to request a quote and generate sales leads.
  • Create dynamically-generated webpages for showcasing ARK Fencing's products.
  • Empower visitors to request a quote and schedule their site visit through the website, then automatically update the ARK Fencing schedule accordingly.
  • Secure memorable domain name and set up custom purpose-specific email addresses.
  • Generate a new logo and color palette to use on all future ARK Fencing branding materials.


We started by collaborating with ARK Fencing to understand more about their brand's identify and core values, then looked at industry trends, competitors, and researched color theory strategies associated with their targeted marketing mix. After multiple iterations of graphic design and illustration work, the result was a logo and color palette combination that represented their brand identity and should provide an increased perception of professionalism and trust among prospective customers.

Next, we designed various UI/UX wireframes and presented them to ARK Fencing to determine the optimal site layout to convert site visitors into sales leads and, eventually, customers. After we had a clear plan of attack, the full site was designed from scratch and then developed. Finally a content management system (CMS) was built into the site to give ARK Fencing the ability to edit the site 24/7 and have various pages and sections of the site generate automatically (or "dynamically") as they add or remove content, such as products.

The finished product included a traditional landing page complete a clear call to action (CTA) encouraging website visitors to request a quote, dedicated pages for each of their products complete with dynamic photo galleries and product descriptions, an "About Me" page, a "Request a Quote" page, and a "Careers" page where job seekers can submit their resume and apply for a job.

George Allen, the founder of ARK Fencing, really wanted to spend less time on the phone and more time doing site visits and working alongside his construction team. When we designed all of the webforms on ARK Fencing's site, we also integrated a third-party scheduling application into the website to give users the ability to see George's availability and schedule a time for a site visit. We then synchronized it to a brand new email address that goes along with their new domain name: This way, George can spend less time making calls and scheduling and can simply see all of his calendar appointments, complete with addresses and customer details, directly on his mobile device while he's travelling from jobsite to jobsite.

Finally, we built on-page search engine optimization into the ARK Fencing website in order to draw even more visitors to the site. This increases the likelihood of people who are looking for fencing contractors in the southern Indiana, southern KY, and southern IL areas to come across the ARK Fencing website.

Since the site launch in January 2021, we've received glowing remarks from the ARK Fencing family about the website. A recent review of their website's analytics revealed that their website's reach had traveled as far as Wyoming!


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