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Building an art portfolio for Milliworks to drive future freelance commissions.

It's now easier than ever to set up commissions through Milliworks and see their growing portfolio showcasing previous works of art.

HWD was a pleasure to work with! They were very helpful creating my site to fit my needs and completed the project very quickly!!
Michael Miller
Founding Artist

Milliworks is a freelance art studio that creates illustrations, paintings, murals, sculptures, photography, carpentry, and more. When Milliworks founder, Michael Miller, reached out to us to build a website, he was originally looking for a place to show off his artwork. Milliworks didn't have a website and was mostly relying on word of mouth and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to share their art and gain a following. After a strategy call between Milliworks and Hedrick Web Design, we put together a plan to not only show off their previous work, but to build a website that would attract more users looking to commission them for future artwork.

Michael wanted a website designed for Milliworks that was minimalistic in style and let the artwork speak for itself. He also wanted to be able to frequently manage their portfolio by adding and removing artwork and the artwork descriptions.


  • Build landing page with an About section, Featured Artwork section, and Contact webform.
  • Create dynamically-generated webpages for displaying portfolio artwork.
  • Secure memorable domain name and set up a new email address that he can use to communicate with his clients.


Hedrick Web Design designed a simple landing page that starts by providing users with relevant information about Michael like his location, his training, and all the different services he provides. We also included a clear call to action (CTA) button at the top of the landing page to make it clear to visitors the purpose of the site and persuade them to let Millworks work on their next project. In the next section of the landing page, users can hover over the artwork grid to reveal the titles of the artwork and click them to reveal even more photos of that specific featured art piece and read a short description from the artist. Finally, the landing page concludes with a contact form that users can fill out to contact Milliworks and request a commission piece of their own!

We also set up a Content Management System (CMS) where the Milliworks website can be updated 24/7 via an Editor portal. Everything on the site can be changed at the press of a button, like photos and text, and pages are automatically created and changed based off of data that gets modified in the portal. CMS has tons of use cases: like blogs, newsletters, job boards, testimonials, and - in this case - artwork!

Additionally, we built on-page search engine optimization into the Milliworks website in order to draw even more visitors to the site. This increases the likelihood of people who are looking for freelance artists in the southern Indiana & central Indiana areas to come across the Milliworks website.

Since the site launch in July 2020, Milliworks has received numerous commission requests and has stayed busy despite the COVID-19 pandemic!


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