Crafting sweet eCommerce solutions for Theresa's Small Town Treats.

Previously, Theresa was manually tracking all her customers’ orders and payments. We took the sweat out of it by building a website and online store for her business from scratch. Now, all her customers can order online, and she can focus on doing what she loves!

From the first time we talked through the end of the project, they were responsive to my requests and customized everything to meet my needs. The end result is a website that I love!
Theresa Weitkamp

Theresa’s Small Town Treats is a small business based in Washington, Indiana that sells beautiful custom cookies made from scratch for special occasions and delicious a la carte hot cocoa bombs, cake pops, and more. When we first met with Theresa about her project, she was accepting orders online, but she did not have a dedicated website. Her existing ordering system also did not keep track of all the different flavors of items she offered, so she was still having to manually keep track of her orders and inventory. Another thing that was striking to us was how amazing looking (and tasty!) her products were, so we immediately knew that we had to show them off properly in all their mouth-watering glory!

After a strategy call, we put together a comprehensive plan to build a full eCommerce site for Theresa’s Small Town Treats to simplify order management as well as increase potential sales volume.  


  • Design and build Home, About, and Contact pages.
  • Increase custom cookie orders by creating a dynamically generated webpage for showcasing custom cookie work and collecting new custom cookie order forms.
  • Increase a la carte orders and simplify order management by building fully functioning eCommerce store.
  • Secure memorable domain name and set up a new email address that Theresa can use to communicate with her clients.


We started by brainstorming various UI/UX wireframes and presenting them to Theresa to determine the optimal site layout to convert site visitors into sales leads and, eventually, customers. After we had a clear plan of attack, various UI/UX designs were created and prototyped. Since Theresa’s products were each delicious works of art, it was important to us to really nail the perfect design language to really make users’ mouth water while also establishing a consistent brand image and color palette.

To give a premium look and feel to the site’s eCommerce pages and boost sales, we organized a photoshoot of many of Theresa’s existing a la carte items in her eCommerce store.

A small sample of Theresa's Small Town Treats photoshoot content

The final page designs were prototyped, approved, and then developed into a fully functioning site! Finally, a content management system (CMS) and eCommerce tools were built into the site to give Theresa the ability to edit the site 24/7 and have various pages and sections of the site generate automatically (or "dynamically") as she adds or removes content, such as products or previous custom cookie works. Theresa can now easily manage inventory, orders, discounts, and product info directly on her own eCommerce portal. No more hassle!

The finished product included a traditional landing page complete with two clear calls to action (CTA) encouraging website visitors to either visit the eCommerce store to shop for a la carte treats or request a quote for custom cookie orders - a page dedicated to showing off previous custom cookie works. Her site was complete with a Frequently Asked Questions section, dedicated pages for each of the a la carte products with photos and product information, an "About Me" page, a "Request a Quote" page, and a "Contact" page.


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February 2021